Good health and well-being is critical to sustaining economic development and ending generational poverty. One illness can wipe out a family’s fragile economic security. Women, infants and children die at alarming rates during pregnancy, childbirth, malnutrition and contaminated water. Accidents with farming implements and vehicles, especially motorcycles, contribute to disabilities and death due to a lack of urgent care. Haiti has an acute lack of trained health professionals, medicine and equipped facilities. All of this contributes to an unbroken cycle of poverty as households lose the ‘bread winners’ and spend their meager savings on illnesses and funerals. Children are forced to drop out of school, or worse, become household servants called ‘restaveks.’

HAPI’s Felisane Health Center provides local access to community health services including dental services. Families are seen by qualified health professionals. HAPI’s ‘Start Right’ keeps moms healthy and saves the lives of the smallest with maternal and newborn care. Women have access to reproductive counseling and contraception. Disabled persons benefit from HAPI’s mobile nurse visits and more.

All persons to have access to quality and affordable comprehensive health services to reduce morbidity and mortality from preventable disease and treatable conditions.

Reduction of local rates of maternal and infant mortality. Reduction of child malnutrition, morbidity and mortality below age 5 from preventable disease. Reduce deaths from preventable disease such as water-borne disease and malaria. Reduce mortality from domestic, farm or road accidents. Improve quality of life and reduce stigma for persons living with disabilities.

La Vallée-de-Jacmel, Haiti
HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International