Hello, my name is BEAUZILE Ben Beaunel, I just turned 21. Haitian of origin, student in 2nd year of medicine at the State University of Haiti, I live in Pernier with my mother. My current situation is very stressful. Heavily armed people belonging to the “kraze bary√®” gang of Vitelhomme have invaded the town of Pernier, looting, kidnapping and killing people, sometimes very violently. It is not only Pernier but the whole country mainly the capital. I come close to death every day, I flee the bursts of artillery while hoping not to be hit by stray bullets. The police, overwhelmed by the events, desert the places occupied by the gangs, thus abandoning us to our sad fate. Courageous as I am, I still risk going to college to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. I have comrades who are missing, kidnapped in exchange for large sums of money, others killed by the insecurity that the government cannot stop. When I see my impoverished elders, targeted by kidnappers, universities closing their doors because they are threatened by gangs. I begin to fear for my future and for my life. Helpless, without hope, unable to continue my studies abroad for lack of financial means, I strive to continue studying hoping that my turn to be a victim will not come soon. At the beginning of the year I heard about the humanitarian program of the United States. I thought that I could close my file during these 2 years at the University of Haiti to come to the USA to work to be able to finance my studies in another university and thus have better learning conditions without being afraid for my life and without the daily stress of being kidnapped or taking refuge during these two years while things calm down in Haiti to open my file again and finish my medical studies in better conditions, that’s why I would like to have a sponsor, but unfortunately, I have no sponsors. So I’m forced to stay and wait for my turn to be a victim

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International