Elie Jean Louis

My name is Elie Jean Louis!

I am Christian,

I have already graduated from high school and also, I completed an ESL program at HAPITech. I love education and always try to learn more in my life. I am actually taking some computer courses while I am teaching some children in primary school, which I really like.

I am the first one to have a high diploma in a family of 8 children and the others are expecting a lot from me. However, things are very difficult for me because my parents are very poor, and they cannot afford to send me to university. It was always my dream to go to university, find a job so that I can support the others. Unfortunately, the situation of the country makes my dreams appear unrealizable. Finding a sponsor to help me to go to the USA will be a great asset for me. I will be able to work hard and make my dreams comes true.

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International