Obedson Gard

I am Obedson Gard, 26 years old. I was born and raised in La Vallée de Jacmel. I did my primary and secondary studies.

Due to the economic problem, my parents could not afford to pay for university. By doing some labour, I could support myself and pay for training to become a truck driver. After my training, I am still struggling to find a job due to the violence crisis in the country. The companies where I could find a job keep closing their doors.
After seeing that there was no hope in Haiti for young adults, I went to the Dominican Republic to see if I could find a better life there. I start to do food delivery there to survive, and I start a course to become a PSW (Personal Support Worker). Because I am not a permanent resident of the Dominican Republic, I have had a lot of difficulty continuing my work and studies because the immigration officer checks me out almost every day. Unfortunately, one day I forgot my passport at home, and there was a checkpoint; they arrested me and deported me back to Haiti. Since then, there is no hope for me. I tried doing agriculture, but it was not enough to support my family because agriculture is risky in Haiti because it all depends on the rain.
Finding a sponsor in the humanitarian parole program will provide me with the opportunity to rebuild my life in a safe and supportive environment, let me become a productive member of society, as I feel marginalized, and will help me support myself and my family in our primary needs.
I am a healthy guy, a hard worker, reliable, respectful, and responsible. My sponsor won’t regret his or her contributions to me in the future.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

God bless you!

Obedson Gard 
June 4, 1996

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International