Schibania Abraham

My name is Schibania Abraham. I live in Musac with my parents and my siblings. I am 22 years old . I love education. I worked very hard to complete my high school degree.  I am passionate about teaching kindergarten level, take care of children and doing the craft activities. I am creative woman I am also a good cook . I have basic knowledge in hospitality and tourism and administrative assistance. I am really eager to work to help myself, my family, my church activities, my community. However life becomes harder and harder in haiti , there isn’t hope . In fact Haiti having the opportunity to be sponsored through this program will be a good opportunity  for me to use my knowledge, my capacity to live a better life .  to make a long story short I can say my  dreams are enormous , but the gang activities and the bad situation  of Haiti prevent me to realize my dreams . I would like to be sponsored by this program so I can realize my dreams. Thank you so much in advance!

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International