Sophonie Frederique

My name is Sophonie Frederique. I am 21 years old. I am major in management at University Notre Dame d’Haiti (UNDH). In addition to this study, I participated in training sessions on the development and management of projects and business plans. In terms of responsibility, I am a hyper-organized, conscientious person, endowed with good listening skills and with a great sense of responsibility. I am really passionate about English and computers in which I hold a certificate. That is why either at school or at university I am always ready to help people in difficulty in these matters. Moreover, I am really interested in other fields such as photography, and music since I dream of becoming a superb singer. In addition, I like working in a team, and I dream of becoming a great leader and mentor in order to help people evolve positively and share my experiences with them to benefit from them so that they can have a better life.

During my computer training, I took courses in programming such as the CMS(WordPress), which allowed me to create my first site as a project. Since then, I have been deeply passionate about this area, which is why I dream of becoming a webmaster. But given the precarious situation of my country and a young person who evolves in computer science does not find enough support in my country to be able to master the field, this is just a barrier for me to evolve in this field.

Seizing such an opportunity is like an asset for me not only to make this goal achievable but also to acquire more knowledge so that I can contribute to the development of my community, my country, why not the world.

I am really grateful for your help.

HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International