Healthy families are the building blocks of a vibrant, self-sustaining community. HAPI serves rural, impoverished families who are 80% dependent on agriculture for subsistence living. 95% live in poverty and 40% in EXTREME poverty. Our vision is a prosperous and educated population who THRIVE, not only survive.

We focus on economically empowering women through our jobs and services because women invest in their children. Domestic abuse diminishes in the home when women can make a financial contribution. Women have a voice and choice in their future and can say “no” to unhealthy, abusive relationships.

Start Right is our maternal and infant care initiative. Women of Haiti have a one in 80 chance of dying in childbirth. The risk is 29 times greater than in the USA! Pregnancy shouldn’t be a death sentence. In addition to prenatal care and birthing services from qualified health professionals, the women participate in club meetings that provide training on how to maintain their own health, breastfeeding, newborn and early childhood care. The women also receive family planning counseling and access to complimentary contraception.

HAPI offers home nursing visits to those households who are caring for a disabled person. The majority of these persons are over age 60 and suffer from blindness, stroke or paralysis.

La Vallée-de-Jacmel, Haiti
HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International