My name is Doris Prévost. I am 21 years old and I will be getting my bachelor’s degree in psychology this summer.I am passionate about everything related to craft, photography, productivity and positivity. I am a crochet artist and I enjoy sports such as dancing, soccer and basketball. I also have basic knowledge in video editing.I really like to read, write and learn new things. I have developed a love for education after being a part-time English teacher in my former high-school, doing some volunteering by creating a crochet workshop and finally, having an observation internship with children who have a neurodevelopmental disorder.This experiences among others made me realize that I can adapt to any situation. I am pretty sure that my various skills could help me be available in several fields. However, as a young adult full of dreams and ambitions, the difficult time Haïti is facing right now and the lack of opportunities represent an obstacle and somehow prevent me from realizing my full potential. Being sponsored by this program means that I will be able to achieve my personal and professional goals and be a development agent for my community, my country and even the whole world in the future. I am really thankful for your support. 


HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International