My name is Makendy Damis, I am 29 years old, I am Christian. I was born and raised in Mizak, I moved to Port-Au-Prince 5 years ago to attend College. I am going to graduate and get my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in the summer. I am also a truck driver. I like to read, and my favorite sport is soccer. The past 5 years in college in Port-Au-Prince was very challenging for me. I had to flee my house many times to avoid being victimized by gangs. sometimes I must go back Home and lose moths of School. Many of my friends have given up because they didn’t feel safe. I persevered and finally I will certify in the summer. I would like to deepen and make my career in this field. Unfortunately, the Situation of the Country is not getting better, this makes me worry about my future. Being sponsored by someone in the US will be a great opportunity for me to develop my skills and achieve my goals, which will be beneficial for me, and for my community. Thanks, I advance for your support.
HAPI - Haitian Assets for Peace International